Reich is so damn right, cause Clinton could get this so damn wrong

Sorry, liberals. Trump is gonna win because of the Voter ID vote suppression laws. You should have come out and voted in the midterms, especially in 2010. But you didn’t. And now it’s gonna be president Trump plus sKKKalia 2.0 on the Supreme court. All because YOU couldn’t be bothered to go vote.

Despite polling, Tramp has a more than even chance of winning precisely because of Voter ID laws. He only needs FL PA and OH 273–265 or FL OH IA and WI for a 269–269 win, these are all states under full Repub control, governor and houses.

Wisconsins Voter ID laws barr 300,000 liberals from voting. Obama’s margin was 213,000 votes

Don’t believe me? Read and WEEP …. for your grand kids. After he’s elected he will make sure to push all people of color off the voter rolls.

Michigan is in PLAY!:

Michigan Considers Major New Restrictions On Voting Rights

Michigan: Where voters pay for their disenfranchisement

Iowa bans FORMER felons from voting