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It doesn’t matter whether your teams are account-based, market-based, territory-based or telesales, if you want to make your number, you or your reps need to fill the top of the funnel faster and with better quality leads — and you’re not alone. Sales executives list filling the top of the funnel with qualified leads in a reliable way as one of their top three priorities.

There is no silver bullet to effective sales prospecting and there never will be — unless — you consider the way a sales rep approaches their prospecting efforts. With a proven, scalable prospecting framework that leverages the latest best practices in cold calling, social interaction, emailing and leveraging your network — Vortex Prospecting provides just that.


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Too many sales executives get caught up in their Linkedin numbers, the followers, the contacts, the likes — but a network, like everything in sales, should be measured on its ability to produce results. …

Tesla 2

Say what you will about Elon Musk, anyone who has ridden in or driven a Tesla will tell you how the ‘entire experience’ is just better. The sales model is different — gone are used car salesmen and dealerships stretched across acres of asphalt. The product is different — meticulously…

Silver Bullet Just Ahead Green Road Sign with Dramatic Clouds, Sun Rays and Sky.

Every executive I know tasked with hitting a revenue target has the same challenge — getting more qualified leads into the top of the funnel. …

B2B Revenue Executive Ep 5 Headline

GUEST: Tod Caflisch, Vice President and Chief Technical Officer, Minnesota Vikings

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Tod Caflisch has been in pro sports IT for almost 30 years, so he’s seen the incredible transformation in the fan…

Sales Leaders Go Macro

One of the upsides in sales is that success is simple to quantify. It is always, no matter what other executives or board members or peers tell you, about the numbers. Every day numbers are evaluated, totals discussed and strategies for shortfalls analyzed.

But focusing just on the numbers for…

Account Manager to Sales Hunter

Sales leaders and revenue executives face numerous challenges — yet none seem as pressing as understanding how to increase the volume of qualified leads entering the sales funnel.

Those revenue executives taking action are doing so in a variety of ways — for example — bolting on outbound Sales Development…

Whether a deal is worth $50K or $5M the need to engage Procurement early and often is something I’ve seen the most accomplished sales executives avoid or stumble over. The question I am left asking many is simply, ‘Why did you wait so long to start talking to Procurement?’ …

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What You Bring to The Table, and How, Makes The Difference

There has never been a time when successfully closing complex, B2B deals depends more on a sales person’s credibility.

Forget about artificial intelligence, social selling and creatively structured pricing.

People buy from people — and today, with the constant distractions and onslaught of new information, people buy MORE from people…

The Need for Elite Sales Professionals

Reading the sales headlines lately is enough to make any sales professional anxious. Robots taking their jobs, buyers not needing them, millennials not wanting them. I am not surprised some of the professionals I talk to wonder when their career will end.

Anyone who is proud to be a true…

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