Day 7: Avoiding Hanging Around Co-Founder-itis

Gosh, on some days finishing writing is sooooo much better than actually bloody writing .

This post was a bit tricky as I wanted to communicate how I will continue to work with Sunday Assembly, now that I’m also working on making Lifefulness a reality. This meant that it is a little ‘inside baseball’ but hopefully that while it is probably more for people who are part of Sunday Assembly communities there’ll be something in it for everyone.

T’other thing was that when I left to go up to Cambridge I got on the train but my A.D.D. medication stayed in London. Let me tell you one thing: that stuff makes a real difference to the quality of my attention. With those caveats, read on….

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Avoiding Hanging Around Co-Founder-itis

Over 2018 my focus moved more and more on growing the field of Lifefulness. It became real clear that we’d need a dedicated Director to lead Sunday Assembly. At the same time, there was no desire on my part, or on the part of the board, for me to clear off.

“I want to help create the conditions for Sunday Assembly to become even better — please don’t make me leave!” — was the message I conveyed to them.

The board thought this was a good idea but we all naturally wanted to avoid the pitfalls that could are associated with Hanging Around Co-Founder-itis.

“We’ve done that before! We don’t do that here! That’s not what this is!” — we want to avoid all that.

When the new Director starts the aim is to be a living, breathing, really handy resource that will allow them to do the best job possible (should I change my role to Living Breathing Really Handy Resource on LinkedIn?).

This will involve simple logistical jobs ie. giving him a guided tour of our Google Drive. There are years of documents in there — some in places you’d think to look, others in folders that require a bit more creativity to find.

Alongside these tasks, I’ll communicate the hundreds of conversations, personal connections and historical decisions that have led Sunday Assembly to being Sunday Assembly. It was never a childhood ambition of mine to be the institutional memory of a secular community building movement but I guess that’s what I’ve become (time for everyone to get on LinkedIn to endorse me for ‘Institutional Memory’).

It goes without saying — then why are you saying it! — that being a part of the Sunday Assembly community is a huge part of my life, so it feels great to continue to serve.

I‘ll host Sunday Assembly gatherings in London as often as possible, support and work with the board, connect the organisation to the exciting vision that goes this whole movement going and be part of a dedicated, come along to conferences and continue to be part of a community giving their lives to build welcoming spaces for all.

One thing I won’t be doing is saying — “We’ve done that before!” — to our new Director

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Day 7 — over.

The pressure of having a full day of learning means that I’m not as happy with the style of these, howevs, there’s something about the Working In Public experiment which is just about doing the work everyday. Getting words down semi-formed and far less than perfect way.

Remember, there’s a Facebook group about Lifefulness here that you can join if building communities is your thing.