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Few thoughts.

I totally agree with your Top 3 movies. I have not seen Covenant yet, but i’m hoping it’s better than Prometheus. I think you’re overrating Hudson just a tad bit. He would certainly be in my top 6 for sure. I personally can’t resist putting Ash in my top 3. Maybe even 1.

My main thought, however, is about Michael Biehn. This guy has carved out a pretty impressive career playing characters (some iconic ) in iconic movies. He was Kyle Reese in Terminator, Corporal Duane Hicks in Aliens, Lieutenant Coffey in The Abyss, Johnny Ringo in Tombstone, Commander Anderson in The Rock and he even has a credit for being in Grease. His NBA equivalent would be John Salley. Salley was on that great Pistons team, a Bulls championship team and a Lakers championship team. Biehn didnt have a superstar like career, but he played a part of some legendary films.