Valmiki Jayanti

“Ah! Warriors’ strength is poor and slight; A Bráhman’s power is truly might. This Bráhman staff the hermit held the fury of my darts has quelled.” 

The renowned poet and the historic Sanskrit writer, Valmiki is known for his world-famous scripture, Ramcharitramanas. It consists of 24,000 shlokas and 7 cantos (kaṇḍas) including Uttara Kanda. If one were to understand the deep and not so hidden meaning of this Sanskrit-Hindi scripture, one can proudly say, that Valmiki has been the true flag-bearer of standing tall and strong with good over evil. As Ravana was defeated by the good spirit of Rama, courage of Hanuman, support of Laxmana and a whole army of undefeated followers and warriors, Valmiki delineated that even if it takes years, even if the roads become tough, even if your world collapses or hinders your way of doing good and fighting for what’s right, one must not and should not stop fighting for the same. His teachings are legendary and have been integrated as a great source of learning since ages ago. Given that these scriptures are way too intense if one were to get into the details of the teachings that are showered via them, it not only talks of being good and doing good but teaches us many managerial ethics that can be used in today’s world to run a business with ethics and morality. The commendable ethical values that Rama had are something that must be followed in all genres of life because it will not only strengthen our roots but will also sow the seeds of virtue in oneself. Kalyug, the world that was seen short-coming thousands of years ago, the new age era that we currently reside in, is said to be the cruelest and the most dangerous era in the series of lives on Earth so far, and to be able to read, understand, integrate and follow the teachings of the great Valmiki now is something we all must start following and continue doing for years to come. In a way, Valmiki also spoke of the goodness and pureness of our mother nature during that time and following the footsteps of that, Patanjali is also the epitome of goodness filled with products whose base is organic, pure, useful and harmless. As Valmiki made sure that no bad shall ever prevail over good, similarly, Patanjali has time and again proven by not using chemicals and everything packed with natural purity that pureness is something no one can compete with, it’s true to nature and best for all.