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I walk through mind fields. Slinging cards at dusk, slinging thoughts at dawn.

Medium Publishing Checklist

An Editing Process


[ ] Finality— Is it finished?
[ ] Purpose — Is it worthwhile?
[ ] Length — Anything lacking…

Press Release: Open Face Live World Premier

Tampa Bay, Florida — An OFC poker league in Tampa will be broadcasting their tournaments live via the new live-streaming app Meerkat. OFC (Open…

How to Get Noticed on Medium

Jack, I’m by no means a professional, but I have had minor success on Medium and since you asked, I decided to write this post to help you and anyone else that…

Creating a #Meerkat Poker Show: Part 1

My Initial To Do List

I love the game of OFC (Open Face Chinese poker). I first tried to build an app for the game. I spent 2…

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I’m the Founder who Failed

I admit, I fucked up. My startup hit a wall going 100 miles per hour. The result? Months of depression and regression. I fell fast into that pit. Watched a year of…

Inside the Mind of a Founder

Extracting value from my personal journal.

At the beginning of January, after reading this article, I began writing daily on the…

My Car vs. Giant Curb

This is my car.

This is the giant curb at the entrance to my circle.

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    How to Name Your Startup

    And Why It Matters

    There are two schools of thought when it comes to naming your company.

    In response to Things I wish existed

    Startup and App Ideas

    1. Crowd-funded environmental sanctuaries.
    2. A platform callback system that schedules calls between customers and businesses.
    3. Financial accounts with withdrawal conditions and parameters such as multiple signatures, size of account, a date certain, etc.
    4. A bank that actually helps you save money.

    What We Offer

    The Role of The Writing Cooperative

    I recently received an email from a friend that captured a common feeling — a reaction to The Writing Cooperative.

    Why Does Your Company Exist?

    Aligning Core Competency and Mission Statement

    In my last post I said the story is the product. What does that mean?