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I walk through mind fields. Slinging cards at dusk, slinging thoughts at dawn.

Medium Publishing Checklist

An Editing Process


[ ] Finality— Is it finished?
[ ] Purpose — Is it worthwhile?
[ ] Length — Anything lacking…

What I Know About Mailing Lists

An Open Letter to Jason Smith

Jason, the answers to your questions are somewhat complicated so I decided to write this post.

Startup Vision has 1,000 Followers! Thank You All!

I don’t have much to say except thank you! I don’t know why this means so much to me but it does. Nothing I have ever done has…

Behind the Scenes of a Kickstarter Project

The Outline for Open Face Live

The Motivation

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5 Tips & Tricks for Better Medium Posts

1 — Single Space Breaks with Shift + Enter

I first discovered shift + enter when I included a poem at the beginning of…

The Finished Product — April 2015

Issue 3

Welcome to The Finished Product, a monthly series that shines a spotlight on the amazing Medium content created by members of

How to Get Noticed on Medium

Jack, I’m by no means a professional, but I have had minor success on Medium and since you asked, I decided to write this post to help you and anyone else that…

I’m the Founder who Failed

I admit, I fucked up. My startup hit a wall going 100 miles per hour. The result? Months of depression and regression. I fell fast into that pit. Watched a year of…

Inside the Mind of a Founder

Extracting value from my personal journal.

At the beginning of January, after reading this article, I began writing daily on the…

My Car vs. Giant Curb

This is my car.

This is the giant curb at the entrance to my circle.

How to Name Your Startup

And Why It Matters

There are two schools of thought when it comes to naming your company.