Emailing and personality traits

I have learnt to become more observant these days (not that I wasn’t earlier). I donot know what to attribute this to, is it for a new blog post inspiration or picking content for my open mic Stand up comedy.

A recent observation and retrospective inspection of events steered me to write this post.

I am no Freud when it comes to analyzing personalities precisely but a series of incidents revolving around me made me quite good at it.

Emails have become a crucial form of communication these days.Interestingly every email is so unique that if you closely observe, reveals a few personality traits of the sender. As a person who drafts and sends at least 20 official emails everyday,I observed that there are 10 different types of personality traits in people writing formal emails.

*FORMAL- I am restricting this to work place related emails only

This is where variety dances on your plate.

First ones are those whose eyes dart towards finding a reason to write a lengthy email. They fill pages to impress the bosses. If you keenly follow, they are the ones who get busted all the time and their amount of work is inversely proportional to the content filled.

Second are those who use plenty of jargons and similes in every email in such a way that even a casual email sounds as though they are fishing in deep waters. These are basically the attention seekers who love drama.

Third are those who love to beat around the bush. They take about 10 lines to get to the point.They are called the seekers(Seekers…. Aah, Harry Potter/Quiditch moment). They always write to you with an intention to seek or expect something from you.

Fourth are those who parrot the boss’s words and use them inappropriately in places where they are an absolute misfit. Sheep mentality kicks in and they blindly talk and write in boss’s words. They are basically sychophants.

Fifth are those who love to edit emails even when they are infalliable. They intend every email to be in their words and fail to understand that each one of us possess our own style of writing an email. They claim their style to be more perfect and sacrosanct. These are the people who try to show off their authority to their subordinates.

Sixth are the kind who do not commit to any task in their emails or write a semi finished email. They hardly draft emails or even worse, direct their subordinates to draft emails and asking them to Carbon Copy the former while sending it out. They are the ones who do not want to get dumped with further work and are actually cumbersome.

Seventh are the kind who draft an email only to create a conflict.They kindle and dig out latent information(information which is laid to rest) pertaining to others, blow it out of proportion leading to futile discussions & making the boss feel that they are the only ones working efficiently. They are the quirks…… STAY OFF THEM!!!

Eighth are the kind who make atrocious grammar and spelling errors. They confidently send out emails with out proof reading it. These are the ones who are genuinely diligent and have worked their way up from scratch. Their learning is purely based on their experience and not from their education.

Ninth are the kind who genuinely write good emails with decent to good vocabulary. They state facts based on their research and back ground work and not arbitrary thoughts. It is these folks whose emails get edited by Type Five Personality.

Tenth are the kind whose emails are either a one liner or with a vague combination of one or two words with emphasizing punctuation marks. They are none other than the self obsessed and indecisive BOSSES..

Combination of the above traits exist too. Sounds lethal isn’t it??

DING.. 1 unread email, time for another analysis

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