Finding the Middle Ground

So I’ve been seeing a lot of grieving on my feeds recently, as we rightly should. We’re losing one of my favorite leaders of all time and her incredible husband.


But while we’re making jokes about the inauguration turnout and the POTUS twitter cover image, we’re missing out on an opportunity to find the middle ground.

There are Republicans, both in Congress and in our communities, that didn’t want Trump or his policies in the White House. They may not be as liberal as us but they are trying to create an America on true conservative values (not the xenophobic hate-mongering ideology that has taken over in the last decade). These people were as surprised as us that Trump hijacked their party and then our country.

So while you march and subscribe to the bastions of journalism, recognize that there are people and publications “across the aisle” that may be closer than you think.

My goal for the next four years to have a better understanding of what the moderate conservative considers important and valuable. I may not agree with them always, but a moderate United States of America that moves with human decency is better than one where the alt-right games the divide and puts someone incompetent in the White House.

So join me! Reach out to the Republican high school friend you unfollowed, the family member who railed about Obama every Thanksgiving, the neighbor with Romney bumper stickers on their car. Learn about their values and share yours. Don’t let your personalized re-affirming bubble keep you from understanding the entire spectrum of people in this large, beautiful melting pot of a country we live in.

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