Intro: Little Green Steps (for busy people)

I don’t really know what the hell I’m doing, but I’m gonna jump into this little adventure anyway.

I’m not a writer, a blogger, an ecologist, an environmental scientist, or a practicing minimalist (yet). In reality, I’m a busy, working mom with a house packed full of stuff, overflowing trash cans every week, frustrated that I can’t seem to make a meaningful dent in my horde or change my consumerist, wasteful ways. (insert sadface and/or facepalm emoji here) Yeah, I know… first world problems… but problems nonetheless.

This little endeavor here is not meant to tell you what to do. Like I said, I’m no expert and I don’t really ever expect to be one in eco-friendliness / treehugging / tiny carbon footprint making. The intention here is simply to make myself accountable, force me to do the research and critical thinking needed to make responsible decisions (’cause I know you guys will call me out if I’m spouting bullshit), measure my progress or lack thereof, and solicit ideas, opinions and infinite wisdom from all of you. And hopefully share some interesting ideas/information as we go. Some of you may be much further along in your “greening” journey, others in the same cluttered place I find myself, and possibly a few poor unfortunate souls are even more lost than I am… (no judgement, there’s no room for assholery here. Seriously, there’s no room here, we’re swimming in a sea of toys, clothes and craft supplies.) Listen, I’m not planning to give up my car or measure my yearly trash output in a mason jar anytime soon, but hopefully 12 months down the line, making environmentally-conscious decisions will be a bit more second nature.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I certainly don’t have all the answers. Perhaps you do, in which case, pull up a figurative chair and help us out! Chances are, if you’ve stuck in this long, you probably don’t have all the answers, either, so hang around and maybe together we can figure out how to avoid turning this beautiful planet of ours into a spinning, toxic trash heap — *dramatic pause* — one little green step at a time. And by together, I really mean to-ge-ther, the more folks that participate in this little mission, the better. I’m hoping this will be a collaborative effort where everyone feels comfortable (and even compelled) to participate.


Seems that any purposeful journey starts with a goal in mind. My 2018 goals are specifically to:

1.Reduce our household waste and
2. Clear out our existing clutter in the most socially and environmentally responsible ways possible.

I’m kind of at a loss as how to measure or quantify either, so some research and pondering are required in the next week. Your suggestions are certainly welcome.

A Little Background

Just so you don’t think I’m a complete environmental dumpster-fire going into this project, I actually have some skills and experience that I can lend to this happy band of eco-knowledge seekers. I grew up in a family that kept a vegetable garden in the summer months in Western Pennsylvania so I have practical experience in growing food and in composting, which should come in handy. I also inherited from my mom a fondness for crafting, which has led to (among many, many, many, other things, hence my horde of craft supplies) various experiments with essential oils and natural cleaning and body care products (so easy, and something I find a weird amount of satisfaction in, like an evil organic scientist — mwahahahaha). And in the interest of complete disclosure, I own a teeny-tiny little fledgling business that sells gently-used children’s goods: clothing, toys, books, etc. with the intention of expanding offerings to include responsibly-sourced new “green” merchandise (think compostable and cloth diapers, reusable food storage solutions, etc…) This blog/page/whatever it evolves into is NOT going to be a “sneaky” advertisement for my business. Ever. It has grown from an honest desire to balance my personal and business goals. Promise!

So to wrap this thing up I hope you find some value in this little undertaking and will stick around a while. My intention is to be the bus driver, but not the tour guide. Everyone who chooses to participate will decide where the bus goes and where we explore. I don’t want this to be ME doing all the talking, I want this to be a conversation, a group discussion, a self-guided excursion of sorts. (I’m fairly certain that my writing and analogy-making skills will improve in time…lol. Hang in here with me.) So, do ya wanna come along? :)

Work with me here: what do you think in general? Do you have any ideas about how to quantify/measure waste or clutter reduction? Have you decided to set any “green” goals? What are they? Have you done something like this in the past and want to share your experience? Are you interested in providing content to share here? It could be an article, a video, a list of tips, an epic poem, a meme or a catchy little ditty… variety is fun!

TL;DR version — trying to enlist a group of people that want to make more environmentally-responsible choices and are willing to trade tips, information and feedback. I am an admitted hoarder (but only a partially apologetic one) of craft supplies.