Taken from my brand new book #BEMORE: 77 Secrets To Your Powerful Life


I have spent more than three quarters of my life getting
in my own way. I had one excuse after another for why
I couldn’t be all God intends for me to be — the trauma I
experienced, the people who have held me back, and the
obstacles that were in my way.

One day I realized it was all a conspiracy going on
within me. My “lesser” self was strategizing against my
greater self, seeking to stop me. Some might call it my
weakness, others my sin nature. I don’t think it’s either
of these. I think it was the part of me that was terrified of
the champion I would become if I got out of my own way.
It was the part of me that knew there would be no more
room for excuses if I stepped into my greatness.

It was then that I decided to fight for my destiny, fight
for my future, and throw open the doors of mediocrity
and smallness I’d been hiding behind for so many years. I
chose to throw the doors open and just shine.

Shining isn’t always easy. Some people hate it when
you turn the lights on because they’ve been comfortable
in the darkness for so long they don’t want to see what is
revealed by the light. But, I’ve encountered more who are
grateful — those who have been looking for the light switch
for a long time.

When I turned the lights on in my own life, I gave
others a little light to find their way too. By removing my
own barriers, I began to open the door to their freedom
as well. Stop making excuses. Stop finding reasons to
avoid what God has planned for you. Get out of your own
way and BE MORE.

Be serious about running the race that is set before you.
Come hell, high water, ups or downs, make a choice to
live a great life!

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