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When initially launched in Pune, India on 2nd April 2016. The founders Sandip and Vipul never thought it would grow exponentially in just one year.

The service which provide listing, marketplace store and business tools for event vendors now currently operate in 19 Cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Bengaluru (Bangalore). It provide 15 services like Caterer, Decorator, DJ, Venue, Photographers, Wedding Planner, etc. with 2000+ vendor base across 19 cities. Also it get more than 800000 hits per month and 40000+unique visitors.


When it was launched after doing successful market survey with a small group of vendors, the response was overwhelming from both vendor and user side as it has simple UI and curated for event services only. Also vendor got a panel so they get a chance to directly communicate with customers 24x7.

Then after successful testing MH went for subscription based model. So, vendor has to pay a fix subscription amount to be a top vendor on Mubaraq Ho.

In January 2017, the Business Tools service get launched which clearly focused and curated to vendors need.

In July the Vendor Wall feature get launched which is helping customer to discover top vendor’s.

Now Mubaraq Ho is set to launch fully featured marketplace which is kind of unique not only in India but in the world.

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Current Status

Around 50 vendors are signing up with Mubaraq Ho daily. The user base is also growing with 80% per month. Also Sandip and Vipul are planning to go for Investor.

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