Transmedia Storytelling

The article we read on transmedia story telling was intriguing, providing a wide range of examples of how transmedia is used to strengthen the power of a given story. While the article was interesting and provided a lot of strong examples, I felt that the article as a whole lacked definition. There were plenty of explanations of what transmedia is not, what it might be, as well as a few explanations of what it could be. Ironically, there was a lot of discussion as to the relevance of having a strict definition for the term.

While, I am not able to use a direct quote explaining what transmedia is, I have gathered from reading that, at its core, transmedia can be any form of storytelling that uses multiple mediums to strengthen the message. As a marketing tool in particular this makes a lot of sense to me. Pushing a message through a variety of diverse platforms would serve to implant a message more strongly in a consumer’s mind than receiving a given message through only one medium.

However, in contrast with that thought, it is difficult for me to imagine an example of transmedia storytelling, that I would enjoy from an artistic perspective. The example of the multiple floor adopted Shakespeare performance stood out to me in this regard. While I see a clear path to success using transmedia storytelling as a marketing tool, the use of it in performance art/entertainment sounds like it would create a congested, anxiety fuelled viewership experience to me.

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