You are moving the goalpost.
Shachar Haad

Here are some links for you. Is funny because you could look it out for yourself, but I don’t mind, cause in this moment I’ve free time.

The moment I read that for you all the privileges I mention are irrelevant, and that you think that “ The more you talk about it, the less you can do about it and most of the time, it’s a way for people to proclaim their sin, rather than actively doing something positive”, I said goodbye to you in my mind.

I tried to understand you, but I heard so many times all the things you said, and I’m tired. I don’t believe in convince people, either in waste energy. Maybe we can agree on something, that is the two of us thinks the other have a wrong idea of how this world have to be. I don’t know you, and I don’t know how you colaborate to this society, except correcting feminist in a social network saying that all the things she studied, all the intelectual women of the world that wrote about this, are wrong. Because you know it more than them. Always.

I believe that this patriarchal world can change. And is always fun for me that the more resistance the men have, the more powerfull the women become. They don’t want to get over it. But we are gonna do it anyway.

The feminism saved me, saved my friends, saved my relationship. 
If you try to understand it rather than discredit it, and put youserlf for one second in the position of the ones who are opressed, maybe you can change your mind. But that is not of my business. And I also really don’t care.

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