I’m not super-concerned about hairy women date short men, though I’m 5'9" and have dated a fairly…
Dr. Yadda Yadda

I don’t even know where to start.

  • Talking you is gonna be pointless. I don’t agree with anything you said. So, maybe I’m gonna quit in the intempt.
  • Feminist believe that women and men have to have the same right to decide. When you said all the thing men do for women, I asked, you think women wants that? I do not. And know sooo many girls that doesn’t want it either.
  • Speaking for myself, I live with my partner. We both works, so the incoming is equal.
  • Chose a shitty job than can kill you isn’t anybody convenience! If you could die, how is that a good choice? Maybe if the both works, you could work in another place, with better conditions, don’t you think?
  • In my country (cause I’m gonna speak for my experience. The things you said are not the same in my country. Like, we don’t have to go to the war, happily) women and men works the same hours. But, women earn less for the same job. And, besides that, they have to take care of the children. Like, an other job. There are stats that prove that a women works between 9 and 11 hours for day taking care of the children, besides her job and her life. And men, no more that 3 hours, in the same condition.
  • The card of inventions makes me laugh. There are so many things women invented but nobody knows it. You wanna know why? Because, first of all, history is written by men. And because in the history of humanity, most of women were relegated to be only in their houses, while the man could travel, discover and experience. It’s pretty obvious. If you do not believe me, you can google it.
  • I’m tired and have to work, maybe I continue later. Mama has to bring the bread to the table, just… like… you.