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I feel exactly the same way about the last paragraph, but in reverse, ja. I mean, the part to “put themselves in the shoes of the people they are talking to”. How can you believe in mansplaining if you never had to live it like a woman do?

In this situation, we are exchanging opinions. So, it’s obvious I was waiting your response, and you were waiting mine. We are playing the game.

The scenario I raise is when there is no debate. When a man interrupt (not literally, but sometimes, yes, literally) the speach of a woman because “you don’t know what you’re saying, let me explain it to you” And specially when the subject is about personal decisions.

And, to be fair, I think liberty of speech is dangerous. I mean, I’m in favor. I studied journalism. But… in the name of liberty of speech so many racial, homophobics, misogynist and hate comments were made, that I don’t know, man. Maybe we have to rethink it. I’m not saying we have to censor everybody, cause, who can decide? I’m only telling that using liberty of speech like a unique right that have power over others rights is not correct.

And I’m always ask to the people who share me their feelings and thoughts if they want my opinion. I don’t believe that my opinion matters more than a permission. Althought most of the time I don’t even have an opinion, cause I don’t live their life, so, how could I decide the right thing to do? I prefer to mind in my own business.