Whatever other points are on the table, I have to agree with Shachar Haad about ‘mansplaining’.
John Hopkins

Mansplaining mansplaining, this is a big jump of levels.

Is not about don’t say your opinion. Is about giving -like an act of “““kindness””””- one opinion no one ask for it.

For example, if I’m talking about what I’m gonna do with my life and a man comes to me to explain me that that’s not the better choice, and he’s gonna tell me why, and I never asked for his opinion, that’s mansplaining. Is to believe that your opinion needs to be listened. Cause your opinion matter. Even when nobody asked it.

When you say your opinion in other scenarios, that’s not mansplaining. When a woman ask for you advice, that’s not mansplaining. When is really an act of kindness, when you don’t try to put your experience over the others, when you respect that there is somethings you can’t decide, because is not your life… that, again, is not mansplaining.

But of course men never notices this. Like I don’t notice sometimes that the police doesn’t come to me, cause I’m not black. It’s very difficult to see ours privileges.

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