Here’s something we love about AC/DC.
Whenever they release new music, it sounds exactly like you would imagine.
And this is the reason behind their long term success.
It’s about consistency.
You look at their logo and it immediately reminds you what they sound like.
That’s how consistent their branding is.
They never changed their style in decades.
Angus Young is their signature look.
He’s always dressed like the bad school boy we imagine him to be.
And now he’s old enough to be your grandad.
Still, he’s credible.
AC/DC has created a solid imagery that occupied the mind space of everyone, not only their fans, without ever compromising their expectations.
They understand what they represent in the public’s mind.
So their biggest challenge has never been to experiment.
But to remain immutable in time.
Because that’s what their fans want.
No doubt, they succeeded.
And always at their own terms.
Look at their amazing comeback in 2008.
“Black Ice” was one of the biggest success stories of the year.
Selling nearly 800.000 copies in its first week in the US.
It’s been one of the first examples of an emerging business model: the store exclusive.
In fact, it was only for sale at Walmart’s.
People queued up to buy it, when it was released.
And was it good?
What do you think?
AC/DC is like Jack Daniel’s.
Like a Harley Davidson.
A Zippo lighter.
Or a pack of Marlboro’s.
People love these classic brands because they are unique and never change.
They always deliver what they’re expected to.
In other words, they are not only iconic: they are consistent.
They keep the promise their brand stands for.
Too many brands try to compromise their essence for short term profit.
Did we really need McPizza?
Or New Coke?
Of course not.
When they both went back to what they do best — selling hamburgers and being the most popular soft drink in the world — everything was just fine.
Greatness begins with a clear identity and consistency.
Keep that in mind.
Then go out there and rock the place.
Just like Angus and his fellas have been doing.
For more than 40 years now.