Being D&AD President 2016.

A visual diary of the things I did, things I asked other people to kindly do and things I didn’t really do that much on but I’m really proud of D&AD for doing in 2016.

Thank you to Lucky Generals for the great Open For Entries campaign.

‘Now more than ever, we need ideas that can shape a world.’
‘Breathe in technology & breathe out creativity. Breathe In Technology & Breathe Out Creativity. Breathe in technology & breathe out creativity.’
‘We have the opportunity to create a better world and with it a more meaningful future for our industry.’

Read the manifesto ‘The Brief Of Our Lives’ here.

‘At the heart of the D&AD Pencil lies a simple principle.
Win one, Teach one.
If you are talented enough to win one then you hold knowledge enough to teach another one.’

You can find all D&AD training courses here.

Thank you to The Beautiful Meme for all the wonderful, arresting, 
punk works here.

‘What we will do over the next few days, curating a statement of excellence from this amazing collection of work will have impact. It will show the world the way forward. Here, we not just giving out awards. We giving out the future. Look forward.’

The 2017 Festival details can be found here.

When I see great creative… by someone else… after the barking stops, I’ll growl “I wish I’d done that”.

Read Jealousy here.

Thank you to The Mill for this resonant, grand, ceremony title sequence. Amazing on the big screen.

‘The first part of winning a D&AD Pencil is celebration.
The second part of winning a D&AD Pencil is education.’

You can see all 2016 winners here, and enter your work for 2017 here.

‘Hello. I’d like to welcome you to our 2016 New Blood Festival. But that’s all I’d like to do. Please now stop reading this and look up. Look up at your future.’
‘Be generous where it matters, and of course, this isn’t the hardest award to win for no reason… be tough where it matters also.’
‘This industry won’t create you. You can create it.’

Thank you to After Hours for all this energising and inspiring design work.

BTW you can find all the latest briefs for 2017 New Blood Awards here.

‘Tomorrow, is gonna hurt. But it’s also going to feel great.’
‘She didn’t believe it. That her work could win a Pencil. Her work, that she lacked confidence in no more. She thanked me for that new confidence. I think my heart burst on the spot.’

Read Blood Transfusion. Dispatches from D&AD New Blood Awards 2016.

You can find all the D&AD Impact 2016 winners here.

‘Don’t think that you need this industry, think that this industry needs you.’
This is no annual. No archive. No dust gathering ornament to last year. It is a signpost to the next.
No annual, this is a manual.

Thank you to Lucienne Roberts + for creating the beautifully useful 2016 Manual + B+A for the interactive exercises inside + Jana + team for making it happen + buy it here.

‘Don’t shelve it, use it. Reference it. Write in it…
Stand on top of it.’

Thank you to all at D&AD, with their amazing energy, for such a fantastic year. I have stopped, but the big story continues...

Read 2017 President Bruce Duckworth’s manifesto here.

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PS. I speedily rinsed a lot of photos off the internet for this… mostly from D&AD sources, but some others too. So if they are yours and you want some credit, or some of your work is here and not credited, fair point, just let me know and I’ll fix.