Review of Familiar by Danai Gurira

Sandra Assan
Mar 21 · 2 min read

CCIE Play Reviewers: Sandra Assan and Kewan Stokes

Steppenwolf Theater

#familiarculture #Lincolnpark #Steppenwolf

Black people have forgotten where we come from.

Love has no color.

Be honest with your children.

These are three of the themes that shone through the heartwarming and emotional play, Familiar, written by actress Danai Gurira. Gurira is known for her roles as Okoye in Black Panther, and Michonee in The Walking Dead, but here she showcases her own experiences as a child of African immigrants tell a story about what it is like to be both Black and traditional African in America.

The show Familiar is dynamite in terms of the mixture of the rich African culture throughout he play. This play showcase the marriage rites of Zimbabweans. It feels so unique to watch all the procedures, customs, and wardrobe that takes center stage in a Zimbabwe household preparing for a wedding. This play teaches its viewers about different customs.

Familiar was both a unique and important story for African Americans. I loved the comedy elements, background, and how “Familiar” the characters are with one other. I also appreciated how the somewhat hidden message of Black people losing our way by not recognizing our heritage was featured in this play. All in all, I adored the experience of watching this theatrical work of art. Young, Black students should definitely go see this play for, not only a laugh, but also to witness how family secrets can cost so much in terms of who you truly are in life.

The play Familiar has delivered one of the most relevant messages in society today, be true to your roots. I like the fact that the actors were authentic in their emotion and tone in every line, so the audience could understand the characters’ position. The play Familiar is a wake up call in today’s world. As Black people, we should stand up and search for what we have lost in the hands of the white man.

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