Review of Fantastic Mr. Fox

Sandra Assan
Apr 22 · 2 min read

CCIE Play reviewers: Sandra Assan and Ashley Baker Shaw

#Fantastic Mr. Fox #LincolnParkYearofTheater #VictoryGarden

Never give up.

Work hard for the people you love.

Protect your family.

Fantastic Mr. Fox is a sensational and whimsical story about a fox’s attempt to keep his family safe and well-fed. It is shown at one of Lincoln Park’s Theaters, Victory Garden. The plot depicts Mr Fox’s decision to steal food from the meanest and most awful farmers; Boggis, Bunce, and Bean. In retaliation, the farmers plan to kill Mr. Fox, thereby putting everybody he cares about in danger including his wife and children.

Fantastic Mr. Fox is an incredibly fun and interactive show. There is an exceptional relationship between the cast and the audience. The characters sing, hit balls around, blow bubbles, and connect with the audience before showtime. From the moment I stepped into the theatre, I was amazed by the costumes, storyline and, live music. The children’s laughter in the audience creates a palpable joyful atmosphere in the show. I recommend Fantastic Mr. Fox to anyone who finds themselves getting bored at being in a typical theatre setting because everything that goes on in this show is engaging and fascinating.

Fantastic Mr. Fox is also packed with humour from the beginning to the end. The show has wonderful suspense, which makes it interesting and enticing to watch. The casts are expert in playing their parts, which add on to the beauty of the show. It is a suitable place for parents or families to spend time together with their children.

From the characters to the message, Fantastic Mr. Fox, this play is an exemplary way for us to all learn to never give up on our ambitions in life. Mr. Fox dug far deeper to protect his family from the farmers even after he felt tired. We should not let any obstacle preclude us from our dreams and desires. In the same way, we should work hard to protect the ones we love and care about.

Fantastic Mr. Fox is a magnificent father. His eagerness to protect his family is beautiful. The unbreakable bond between Mr. Fox and his family lead to their victory of defeating the mischievous farmers who wanted to kill him and his family. Mr. Fox’s unity with his family is a marvellous element, which we can implement in our personal lives and families.

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