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For those who already know this Blog, I don’t need to explain how difficult it was to get back to my studies after a wonderful summer. Here you can find out, how I found my way back…

Two hands that freed themselves from handcuffs.
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At the beginning of the third semester studying Content Strategy at FH Joanneum in Graz, it felt like every fiber of my body screamed NO! It seemed, that I didn’t want to be handcuffed in that tight schedule anymore. All the consistency I had built up so hard over the past months, was gone. And I had no idea how to find back. There was still a major work to finish from the second semester (read more about that) and new tasks showing up constantly. I tried to give my best, but was not satisfied at all with the output I got.

My start into the presence week

Foto by Sandra Rosenfelder

Me and my colleagues didn’t communicate a lot during the summer. I think everybody needed some time on their own. But then, starting with the webinars in September and working on new tasks again, I felt how much I missed everyone. But still — I had to force myself to study life. But then, at the middle of October, our presence week took place again. Somehow, I was excited about seeing everybody again, on the other hand it was quite complicated to get everything arranged beforehand. I started into the first day with a super nice breakfast at Martin Auer, our favorite bakery in Graz, with Julia and Sophia. This has already become something like a ritual for us. We couldn’t stop talking and were very excited about seeing each other again. With that wonderful experience we started into our first day on the campus. And it became even better…

Great lectures make me laugh again

The wonderful Klaus Eck from d.Tales was the first lecture to “enlighten” me during this week. His presentation and input on the topic of corporate influencer turned on several light bulbs in my brain. It was so much fun listening to him! And the ideas on how to try out some of the things he mentioned, just popped up constantly while listening to him. Great job — thank you, Klaus!

After the lunch break we talked about Online Campaigning with Florian Schweikert from cloudthinkn. And it was super interesting, too! Completely different to the morning session, but something that gave me a lot of insights. As I am not a member of our Online-Team, with this session I am definitely in a better position to discuss things now.

Organisational communication and PR with Marie-Christine Schindler from mcschindler.com was the next highlight on day two. Unfortunately, Marie-Christine could not join us in person, as the Swiss Airline had to do some major checks on planes and cancelled her flight. So, we had to attend the session via Zoom. But this did not affect the quality of the lecture at all. And once more: bing, bing, bing — the lightbulbs went on again!

A lightbulb, that is turned on.
Foto by Jonathan Borba from Pexels

After those exciting days we had a whole day for preparing and discussing our next project work, a feasibility study. We got a lot of input from Robert Gutounig, our internal course-manager, and Doris Eichmeier, one of our external tutors. After that we discussed our topics within small groups to get feedback from each other. Listen to my colleagues ideas helped me to reshape my own thoughts and get a better orientation, where to go.

On day four and another great lecture waited for us: Dieter Rappold, founder of Speedinvest Pirates. He focused on strategy and an overall view. As we usually talk to experts within their field, such as Paula Ladenburg Land for content audits or Eric Eggert for accessibility, this course was great because we had the possibility to flying up high and watching everything from the bird perspective. This was a great experience as well and I think we should do that even more often.

How everything worked out

As you can imagine, everything worked out fine… ;-) I really enjoyed the whole week and found my enthusiasm again. That’s why I study content strategy at FH Joanneum — because I LOVE that kind of inspiration!!! So, my motivation came back as well, and it feels like the handcuffs aren’t that tight anymore. I enjoy working on different topics again and (after having finished my second project work finally) I look forward to the upcoming feasibility study as well. I will let you know how it goes….



Struggeling with studying, working, being a mom and trying to survive this exceptional state…

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Sandra Rosenfelder

Struggeling with studying, working, being a mom and trying to survive this exceptional state…