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Medium writers, articles, and publications that have helped me on my writing journey

Sandra Ebejer
Apr 5 · 5 min read

I’ve been a Medium member for a year, which is longer than I’ve been publishing on the site. One of the main reasons I purchased a membership was because of the wealth of information I found here on the craft of writing. Without a membership, I was hitting my limit of three locked articles in under an hour, but spending $5 a month has given me access to an abundance of resources, tips, and instructions.

As a thank you to those who have taught me so much, I want to share with others just a few of these writers, articles, and publications that have helped me on my writing journey.

Writers to Follow

Shaunta Grimes is an author (her latest book, The Astonishing Maybe, was released in March 2019) who publishes on Medium multiple times a day. She offers tips on the craft of writing while sharing her experience with the ups and downs of writing life. (I find myself highlighting most of her articles and have reread quite a few — they’re that good.)

N.A. Turner uses his Medium page to “share tips about my writing journey.” Although focused primarily on the writing of short stories, his posts on the craft — structure, plotting, themes, genres—can be useful to any writer. He also shares valuable lessons he’s learned from the masters, like in this post on Charles Bukowski:

Writer’s Relief is a company that aims to “facilitate every step of an author’s path to publishing.” Their Medium articles cover everything from query letters and proofreading, to marketing and networking.

Mike Gardner has a fascinating series of articles called “How I Paid the Bills While I Wrote the Book,” in which he interviews authors about the day jobs they held while in the early stages of writing.

ProWritingAid, the grammar checker tool, has a blog offering “essential tips and tricks for writers.” The top blog pieces are cross-posted to Medium.

Articles to Read

Publications to Follow

The Writing Cooperative: Helping each other write better

Writers Guild: Hone your craft. Share your story.

Writing Together: Bringing together a network of new and experienced writers, from all backgrounds, with many messages.

The Book Mechanic: Helping writers sell more books, write tighter, write faster, build a platform, and come up with great stories.

Writer Mom: A place for moms who write.

Belladonna Comedy: Funny writing by women, for everyone!

Lit Up: The land of little tales (short stories, flash fiction, poetry).

Go Into the Story: The official screenwriting blog of the Black List.

Adlers Writing: Microfiction, short stories, writing tips and blog.

These are just a few of the writers, articles, and publications I’ve found useful as I’ve worked to develop my skills. Please drop any additional suggestions in the comment section!

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