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What to Expect on Medium

A quick overview for newbies.

Sandra Ebejer
Jun 17 · 3 min read

You can expect to see a lot of this:

You can expect to start so many drafts of articles that you soon have enough to fill a novel, should you ever decide to publish a novel of half-written blog posts.

You can expect to spend more time hunting down the perfect photos for your piece than you spent actually writing the piece.

You can expect to stress over titles, subtitles, and tags.

You can expect the top publications to take longer and longer to respond to your submission.

You can expect to see the publication’s logo on the bottom of your draft piece, but have no idea what that actually means or when it will go live.

You can expect to expect to lose fist fulls of hair — yanked out by your own hands — as you see, once again, that your published story was “not distributed in topics.”

You can expect some readers to clap only one time per article.

You can expect other readers not to clap at all.

You can expect to be christened a Top Writer.

You can expect that honor to be taken away almost immediately.

You can expect one of your pieces to have an impact — enough so that the trolls will trudge out from under their dark, dank bridges to tell you (in poor grammar and incorrect spelling) exactly what they think of you and your little Medium post.

If you’re a woman, you can expect the above to also include references to your appearance, weight, social status, parenting skills, and abilities in bed.

You can expect the trolls’ comments to get to you far more than they should.

You can expect to become obsessed with your stats.

You can expect the stats to fall without warning, then rise again unexpectedly.

You can expect to think Medium is just f’ing with you.

You can expect the weekly Medium Partner Program payment estimates to occasionally be very late, without a word from Medium.

You can expect most Medium writers to freak out when this happens.

You can expect your weekly estimates to be completely different from what you were expecting, and to sometimes make no sense whatsoever based on your articles’ recent engagement.

You can expect to wonder what the hell you were thinking when you decided to publish your work.

And then…

You can expect to get a kind comment from a stranger that lets you know just how important YOUR words mean to them.

You can expect your number of followers to increase bit by bit.

You can expect to find that your posts have been shared by appreciative readers.

You can expect the claps and the fans and the followers to boost your self-esteem.

You can expect to become part of a writing community, and to come to think of your fellow Medium writers as friends.

You can expect to put a ton of work into writing and promoting your pieces, but get so many good things out of it.

Welcome to the club! I hope it’s everything you were expecting.

Sandra Ebejer

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