What it means to have Netiquette!

Having Internet etiquette is mandatory in today’s society since technology has taken over our daily activities. It is almost more important to have Netiquette than actual physical etiquette in today’s world. These simple steps outline what it means to practice netiquette.

  1. Respect: Respect in a technological world is a key characteristic to possess because we show we are respecting others opinions, perspectives and stands on certain topics. Sharing your opinion is acceptable however it must be done in a respectful way without threatening or targeting other persons. [i]

2. Writing Skills: Clearly stated opinions and grammar free sentences are mandatory when replying or arguing on specific topics. Nothing is worse than a poorly written piece that is not understandable or consists of overly used slang words. [ii]

3. Once its online you can’t go back: It is important to remember that once something has been posted online it is very difficult to retrace your steps and delete it off the web. Your parents, teachers, husbands and/or even employers can somehow dig out what you have posted previously.[iii]

4. Follow the Crowd: Do not try to branch off the topic when writing about a specific topic. Remember to remain focused about what out are writing about and do not stray off the subject matter. [iv]

5. Be Polite: once again respecting others platforms are important. Go and check there rules for good behaviour and read it all. Let’s all try to be polite. [v]

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