5 Reasons Why Digital Marketing is an Integral Part of Any Company

Digital Marketing is one of the most important parts of any company, especially in this day and age. With the increasing advancements in technology and the high integration of digital software’s into our daily lives, digital marketing becomes crucial in succeeding in the business world. Lexicon defines digital marketing as:

“the marketing of products or services using digital channels to reach consumers”.

This can be done through various paid media (ex. digital display ads), earned media (ex. SEO rankings, or your shared content), and owned media (ex. company website, blog, or social media account). Below are the top 5 reasons why, in its entirety, digital marketing is an integral part of any company.

1. Cost Effective

The opportunities through online and digital marketing channels are very cost effective. Digital marketing provides the cost effectiveness as well as proven results when compared to traditional marketing. For example, in the past, the only way companies could reach audiences was through visual aids such as print advertisements and billboards. However, now with the vast amount of digital advancements and opportunities, companies are able to target exactly who they want, exactly when they want to, for an affordable price, which yields a higher return in the end.

2. Track Your Customer’s Journey

With today’s technology and helpful software tools, various different aids are available through digital medias in order to track the overall customer journey. With any business, it is important to know where your customers are obtaining their information about your company, and their journey to your brand or a specific product. Analytical tools help with this, where every click and scroll are observed. For example, one individual may go through 10 different digital outlets, searching for certain aspects of a product or service before reaching your company website. Being able to track a customer’s journey is crucial to making improvements and simplifying processes for them in the future.

3. Generate Better Revenues

“Companies using digital marketing strategies have 2.8 times better revenue growth expectancy”. Compared with traditional media, digital media is a great way to efficiently target your exact target audience and therefore reducing your cost per impression and increasing ROI. So go digital and expect instant returns!

4. Interact with Your Target Audience

The best way to interact with your target audience in real time is through digital marketing tools. Digital marketing helps the company to stay informed on changing interests of your target audience and keeping track of reviews and comments. It is important to develop good relationships with your target audience in order to provide them with an overall memorable experience.

5. Build Brand Reputation

Digital marketing helps to grow brand recognition which is essential for any business. Current clientele and potential future customers are giving their feedback and comments on your brand every day. If a company analyzes the relevant feedback and works to deliver and improve customer experience with a brand, this will improve overall brand reputation. Through future word-of-mouth and improved experiences, other big doors will open up for your company and you will obtain overall business success!

It is obvious that digital marketing is not only an important investment, but also an opportunity to grow your business. There are several different websites and courses that offer a great overview of the important aspects of digital marketing and help in expanding knowledge of tactics and techniques. Check out Larry Kim’s blog with a list of the “Top 5 Free Online Courses for Digital Marketers”. Digital marketing is changing every single day, so expand your knowledge, keep yourself updated on the latest improvements, and stay digital.