4 Useful AD Tools Every SysAdmin Needs

If your directory service of choice is Active Directory, then you’ve got a number of third-party add-on options and an LDAP-compatible service. As per Webopedia, directory services built on the LDAP typically sort and link email addresses, but they’re also used to network computers. Too many obstacles encountered by an admin can be fixed by the implementation of a more efficient third party tool in their Active Directory system. That’s where reputable companies like SysOp Tools come in, with the use of Active Directory administrator tools.

While there are countless tools out there, there are four absolutely essential services that every Active Directory admin needs to make use of in order to best eliminate bottlenecks and cut out the unnecessary legwork on a day to day basis.

Password Reset Tools

Self-service password reset tools are extremely popular third-party services among systems administrators for a simple reason: password resets due to user error or otherwise are one of the most common issues when it comes to wasting an admin’s time in an active directory.

As per Tech Target, Active Directory offers admins a single root access point. However, that doesn’t mean that accessing and managing user accounts is easy natively.

The use of a password reset tool is simple: to allow users to safely reset their own passwords without causing you a heart attack or costing you unnecessary panic due to possible security issues.

Expiring Password Reminder Tools

Outside of resetting forgotten passwords, regularly reminding users to reset their own passwords in order to keep your directory’s individual users and their data safe is another big part of being a directory admin.

Instead of losing precious time taking care of reminding users manually, an expiration reminder tool can expedite the reminding and resetting process on a regular basis, allowing users to keep track of their passwords, while allowing admins to audit accounts based on their passwords and instantly roll out changes in the password expiration policy.

Account Auditing Tools

Managing and editing accounts through Active Directory itself can be a little tricky. History logs for account changes and more aren’t easily accessible, especially through the directory service’s internal wizard. The best option, then, is to go for something more comprehensive: a third-party solution.

Account audit tools let admins and help desk technicians edit and manage accounts in multiple forests and domains within the directory, while maintaining a level of security that keeps the directory as safe as ever.

Object Audit Tools

One of the most important tasks a system administrator has to perform while working with an Active Directory is a regular security audit. After all, as per Computer Weekly, modern directories are about centralizing and managing access to data across an entire network, with an added caveat of security issues.

That’s where an audit tool comes into play. Logged information such as email addresses, logon dates, and more can quickly be exported into separate files for record keeping purposes, and object viewing can help identify potential threats to the directory and more.

With an array of tools such as these, running a company’s IT department can be a much smoother and more efficient process.