L11 — February 22: Midterm Presentatin

What I’ve learned in 5 nervous minutes. Here goes…

Check out the Lunch Munch prototype here: https://invis.io/4AAMGECG7

Lunch Munch — Conversational App

A new, unique way to quickly and efficiently organize a work lunch for your team. Using Lunch Munch is like having the personal assistant you’ve been dreaming of.

Why a conversational app?

Users around the world are logging in to messaging apps to not only chat with friends but also to connect with brands, browse merchandise, and watch content. 
Business Insider’s “Messaging apps are now bigger than social networks”

The lunch organizer archetype will spend most of his/her time on a computer so the solution would have to be effective, efficient and unique enough to capture the user when they are on their smartphone.

Findings in Interviews & Research

The main areas of concern for most lunch organizers seemed to be consistent: taking the time to organize the group lunch, finding food that matched everyone’s dietary needs and waiting for group members to place their order. Food choices were also limited to what was in the office vicinity.


When ordering for a large group online, the lunch coordinator would like to simplify the process by having each colleague order his/her own meal. At the time when all orders are due, the coordinator would be notified if there were any incomplete orders or if anyone hasn’t submitted.
Archetype: Lunch Coordinator dealing with employees with different dietary needs

User Stories

As a ____ I want to ____ so that ____

  1. As a team lunch organizer, I want to provide my team with options so that they can eat what they want.
  2. As a team lunch organizer, I want to order online and in advance so that I have more time the day of.
  3. As a team lunch organizer, I want my team to be able to order their own meals so that I don’t have to do it for them.

Job Stories

When ____ I want to ____ so I can ____ (these become actions on the website)

  1. When I order online, I want to view different menus so I can offer the team variety.
  2. When I order work for my colleagues, I want to view only vegetarian (gluten-free, dairy free, nut free) so I can tailor the menu for those with dietary concerns.
  3. When ordering lunches for my work, I want to pre-order in advance so so I can plan ahead and save time.
  4. When ordering lunches for my work, I want my colleagues to submit their own order online so I can spend my time doing something else.

- allow colleagues to enter in their own orders
- system notifies colleagues when its time to order
- system stops coordinator from submitting order when there are missing orders
- tracker that counts the number of meals

See User Flows here

Lunch Munch V1.0 — Usability Testing Notes

  • Credit card approval at the initial sign-up screen was too sudden and not well received. Solution: moved credit card details to final check-out screen
  • Order of the YES/NO/BACK buttons. Users felt that yes should be easily accessible (right side of screen), some users felt it should be read first (left side of screen). Solution: this will require additional testing
  • Cost of menu items can be filtered based on budget. Solution: Yes! Definitely something to be considered.
  • When selecting a restaurant, more details, please! Solution: I have included the price point, star reviews on the restaurant listings.
  • An option to GO BACK. Solution: Where necessary, I have added these buttons.
  • Using location as option when filtering restaurants was confusing. Solution: I removed this feature. The host set his/her delivery address when setting up the account. Restaurant that are able to deliver within that vicinity will appear in the filtered restaruant list. Even if the restaurant is further than usual, the food is being delivered and the restaurant is confident that food will arrive fresh and hot.
  • When inviting team members for lunch, it would be nice to have an auto-fill feature. Solution: I added this feature to be similar to a current iOS experience.
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