More than 500 people donated their hair to breast cancer patients

An interview with Daniella Rahme about breast cancer on Sunday,Oct.28,2018 at ABC Verdun

The hair donation day at ABC Verdun was a huge success where more than 500 men and women participated to show their support to the breast cancer patients during October breast cancer awareness month.

According to L’Oréal, “I took the cut” is a patient support program that aims at collecting hair donations from the public to provide wigs for breast cancer patients who lost their hair during chemotherapy and can’t afford buying wigs.

This event was organized by L’Oréal professional in collaboration with the Lebanese breast cancer foundation. It took place at ABC Verdun on Sunday, Oct.28, 2018 from 3 p.m. till 7 p.m. where more than 20 hairdressers from L’Oréal participated in this event for free.

The event also included oncologists from the Lebanese breast cancer foundation to give some tips for avoiding breast cancer during the event.

One of the oncologists explaining some tips to avoid breast cancer on Sunday, Oct.28, 2018 at ABC Verdun Photo Credits: Sandra Abdelbaki

Daniella Rahme, L’Oréal Paris ambassador, came to this event to show her support and encourage breast cancer patients to stay strong.

“I am really proud that such an event has happened and that we were able to help these women out even in the simplest steps,” said Daniella Rahme.

Daniella Rahme, expressing her support to this event on one of her interviews with Trending, on Sunday, Oct.28, 2018 at ABC Verdun Photo Credits: Sandra Abdelbaki

The participants who cut their hair came from different genders and different age groups but all of them were ready to give part of their hair to show their support.

“I felt really happy when part of my hair was cut off knowing that it’s going to draw a smile on another women,” said one of the participants. “I thank L’Oréal and the Lebanese cancer Foundation for organizing such a beautiful event.”

One of the hairdressers from L’Oreal cutting the hair of a participant on Sunday, Oct.28, 2018 at ABC Verdun Photo Credits: Sandra Abdelbaki


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