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I was quite struck by the Trump son comment. We are becoming beyond politically correct; liberals are obsessed with making insane comparisons that make no sense at all let alone “Common Sense”. The reference to “Jews”s in this is just plain nutz. Every foreign terrorist attack clear back to 2000 was committed by Moslems. We all know that most of them are good people. Nonetheless they want to come to our country but they detest our culture. All it takes is one trip back to the middle east and we have a radicalized Moslem. This is not racism or bigotry. It’s fear and common sense. Let’s remember the loss of 3000 people on 9/11. What other culture is based on such hate and violence? It’s not US, it’s THEM. I don’t want to live in fear. Are we supposed to? Are we bigots because we want our culture to remain peaceful? Please folks, common sense! Fear creates hate and distrust. We will never change the human reaction to fear.

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