A World in Need of Opposite Day?

According to the interwebs, Opposite Day has been around since the days Calvin Coolidge wandered the halls of the White House. The point (to the degree that whimiscal holidays have a point), is to spend the day doing, saying, and thinking, the opposite of what you normally would do, say, or think. This is hard for me. Words like hope, dream, vision, compassion, love, joy, play, community, transformation are part of my everyday lexicon, and the thought of embodying their opposite even for a day, is too bleak to consider. However, the current existential state of our world is a different matter entirely.

Charleston, Riverside, Colorado Springs, Paris, Roseburg, Chattanooga, Chicago…A list of cities that witnessed violent, hateful acts in 2015 that is both incomplete and far too long. Mass killings and police shooting should shock the conscience. They should force us to ask hard questions, demand change, and push forward for justice, and many people do. But for far too many, the routinized brutality of our world seduces us into the numbing vacuousness of apathy, hopelessness, separation, and despair. Too many are lulled into the false belief that more walls, guards, guns, racist constructs, and hateful speech will protect “us” from “them”.

So my wish for the world on this opposite day is that we choose to feel and to act. That we resist the forces that push and pull us towards atomization and callousness and that we choose community and empathy. That we turn to each other and not on each other. And that we lift the false veils of separation and embrace the power and possibilities of radical inclusiveness.

Happy Opposite Day!

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