Prompt #1
Janice Pang

Method | The Northface windbreaker jacket is a simple design, as it has the form of a regular jacket, and anyone can fit into this piece of clothing. There are two gigantic pockets, which allows the person to put hold objects inside the jacket, while doing other activities simulatenous. Additionally, there are also zippers for these pockets, which serve as a protection in order to prevent the objects from falling out.The windbreaker is made up waterproof material as it serves to be a barrier in rainy conditions. It is also very light as and pliable as it can easily form into any shape I want to.

Use | The use of the windbreaker jacket is versatile. It can serve a one layer in order to cover up a human’s body on a slight breezy or drizzling day, or it can shift to become an outer layer on top of other multiple layers. Because the jacket is unisex and can most likely fit any human it allows the user to use this jacket for all year around.

Need | This windbreaker jacket serves the needs of those who are living in an environment where it has all four seasons. It also targets the group of audience who want a light versatile jacket at all times, such as after exercising and during biking. The jacket generally targets the audience who are looking for a barrier of protection from the environment.

Association | The windbreaker jacket satisfies the needs of users who go outside and interact with the outside environment on a daily basis. As stated, the windbreaker has versatile purposes in which multiple users may use the same jacket differently.

Aesthetic | The aesthetics of the wind breaker is simple and clean. There is no patterns nor is it bright. It is a neutral gray, which allows it to be easy for the eyes to see.

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