Export Lotus Domino to Office 365/Exchange Online using a Reliable Solution

Want to migrate from Lotus Domino to Office 365? Looking for a relevant solution to move IBM Domino mailbox to Exchange Online account? Office 365, a Microsoft’s product has attained a remarkable position in today’s technical world. This is not just because of one or two reasons, this suite is providing an easy access to its users from anywhere and on any device. O 365 is providing some advanced controls to reduce the overheads of Information Technology and to simplify the compliance. Due to the benefits Microsoft providing to its O 365 users, there are many professional users are migrating to Office 365. Not only the IT professionals but, even many IT and non-IT companies are also switching their Domino Server accounts to MS Exchange Online.

Reasons for IBM Domino to Exchange Online Migration

There are following few reasons that a user wish to transfer Lotus Domino account to Office 365:
1. IBM Domino is a bit difficult to manage while Microsoft’s suite has different applications to manage.
2. Office 365 is much cheaper than that of Domino Server.
3. Microsoft 365 upgrades the user’s account itself whereas IBM Domino asks the user to upgrade the version time-to-time.
4. Due to the increasing collaboration.
5. Lotus Domino needs more space on the local system for upgrades and to store the data in comparison to O365.
6. IBM users are not provided with the full access to their accounts; whereas Microsoft gives its users full access to their accounts.
7. Sometimes a user finds to move NSF files to O365, a better option.

Competent Solution to Export Lotus Domino to Office 365

It is somewhat a difficult task to migrate the files to a Microsoft cloud account. One needs to do the proper planning as well as the relevant applications to export files to O 365 account. As, if the migration process does not complete easily, then it can have detrimental effects on the business.
SysTools Mail Migration Office 365 software has accepted this challenge to move Domino to Microsoft O 365/OWA mailbox. This tool can directly migrate Domino Server mailboxes to the MS Exchange Online. Items including all the emails, contacts, calendars, and tasks of IBM Domino Server to O365 account. One can switch multiple Office 365 accounts under a single domain in a hassle-free way.

Features Provided by the IBM Domino Server to Office 365 Migration Tool

This automated solution to migrate Lotus Domino to Office 365 account has come up with several features, let us discuss some of them:

Transfer Multiple Domino Mailboxes to Microsoft Exchange Online
It easily exports multiple Office 365 user accounts under a single domain. The application also allows performing the transition from Lotus Domino to Microsoft O365. The user is allowed to select any mailbox from a single NSF file or a Domino server and then convert it into any O 365 mailbox created under a common domain.

Complete Mailbox Conversion
It allows a user to upload the complete data of a Domino mailbox file to Exchange Online/OWA account. This tool allows moving all the email, contacts, calendars and tasks. It can also migrate all the items at once present in it a folder/file.

Email, Calendars, To-do Filters Option
The Lotus Domino to Office 365 migration program provides multiple options to filter emails and to export selected data. The emails can be filtered from a specific time duration. One can set the desired time with To and From dates specified to export calendars of that specific duration.

DOC Links and HTML Formatting Option
The utility allows to check or uncheck the option to enable or to disable the HTML formatting and the doc links. It keeps all the HTML formatting intact such as the Hyperlinks and the links within any attached documents.

Maintain File Internet Header
The tool maintains the internet headers containing any technical information about the message like IP addresses used, sender’s address, an application used to compose it, email servers it passed through, etc.

Show Migration Progress Report
The utility displays a complete progress report which includes a name of the mailbox, authentication status, number of emails, contacts, tasks, and calendars exported along with the speed of conversion.

To know more about the tool, you can visit its official website: https://www.systoolsgroup.com/mail-migration-office365.html

Final Verdict

As per the above blog discussion, it can be concluded that migration from Lotus Domino to Office 365 has become a necessity for many users. Being a challenging task and due to the increasing demand, we have discussed a relevant and competent solution to do this conversion of Domino Server to Exchange Server. This automated solution is worth giving a try as, it can even export multiple accounts under a single domain.