Here’s what a guy thinks: Shit I need new jeans.
Randall Goya

Yeah my husband also enjoys it not being difficult to find pants that fit him properly. Women’s jeans are tailored to be a fucking PITA.

“Oh good, so this fits me everywhere except cuts off the circulation in my calves. This pair fits my glorious ass but the waist is so big they’re falling down constantly. This pair fits me in the waist but doesn’t have room for my butt. This pair is great everywhere except I couldn’t fit that over one of my thighs unless I cut them in half lengthwise and why the FUCK do these have holes in them? If I want holes in my jeans I’ll keep the shitty ones I already have at home?”

The only reason I learned how to tailor clothes was because of this shit, it’s stupid. -_-

Meanwhile, last week I tried on a pair of my husband’s jeans and they fit -perfectly- all over like they were made to hug my butt, hips, and waist.


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