Interview with Piscine Global director Mrs. Noemi Petit — part I

Piscine Global director Mrs. Petit is a type of women you must admire: nice, approachable, professional, successful and with warm personality. I have witnessed her path on the position of the Piscine “first lady” over more than 10 years and during this period she did amazing things — Piscine Global become the leading event in the world and I believe, this is not her last big achievement.

To be selected from such amazing person to be the Ambassador show in Croatia was quite a honor for me, and here is the first part of the interview which I took during the show in Lyon.

“Well, I’m so glad to see you again after 4 years and thank you for your time and this interview. I promise, it will be short because I’m aware people are waiting in the line. I will ask you first to introduce yourself shortly to my audience.”

Mrs.Petit: “Sure, nice to see you too! I’m Noemi Petit, the manager from the Piscine Global network — Piscine Global Europe, Piscine Global Middle East, Piscine Global Asia and Piscine Global Brazil. These are swimming pool and spa events around the world. “

“We haven’t seen each other for a long time, 4 years I believe, so, can you tell me what happened during this time of period because what I saw today is very big, much bigger than 6 years ago when I last time visited Lyon.”

Mrs. Petit: “True, we spend a lots of time on the ground trying to understand the needs of this market and we did very international scan so we came to the conclusion that France is the second market in the world. We have worked a lot to attract the french market to the European shows but also we worked a lot with international destinations since this show became the leading event in the world because it was very important for us to have the main buyers here from all over the world. So we extended our agency around the world, in 40 countries, which bring us close to the markets and help us to identify swimming pool builders, installers and distributors all over the world and finally invite them to come to the show. This was the first step and then we have build an ambassador network in 9 countries, which means that we identified and picked up professionals who visited Piscine for many years and made them ambassadors of the show in their countries so they can tell to their colleagues: “You should go there, it is the right thing for you!”

“Related to this, I’m very honored to be the member of the ambassador club. “

Mrs. Petit: “You’re welcome! New thing for you, we have the pool summit, which is a big meeting of almost 20 federations from all over the world, for example Australia, New Zealand, Africa, USA, Canada, Turkey, Indonesia, Malaysia,France, Italy, Great Britain, Finland, and its purpose is to have discussions about the future of the swimming pool and protection of the market, especially the regulation. And I think this is very important for the future of this industry, because it is on the international level.”

“What is your main target, for example, what should I as an ambassador of this show tell to the public and professionals in Croatia? What is the great benefit and the main reason for visiting Piscine Global in two years from now?”

Mrs. Petit: “Piscine Global is every two years, and if they spent two days here, they will save one year of work because they will see everybody and everything related to the new products and that is what their clients expect. Clients expect the new products, they expect new techniques, they expect swimming pools to be sustainable, environmental. So, since everything and everyone are here, they just have to come for two days and they will save lots of time. This is better than remaining at home and waiting distributors to come to visit them which happens not so often, as we know.”

“I must agree with you,because just in one afternoon I spent here, I met 6 exhibitors who were and still are interested in distributing their products in Croatia, but they met none here.”

Mrs. Petit: “Yes, this is what I’m talking about and if you want to be a good professional, this is the opportunity you can't miss, because in just one day you will be able to learn a lot in a short time and meet lots of people. And on the top of that, Lyon is a very nice town!”

“I couldn’t agree more with you! And it’s a town with good food and lots of restaurants, one of them I visited yesterday with Tanja, and it’s a town with a soul. I like it very much, more than Paris.”

Mrs. Petit: “Yes, and finally it’s not so fare away from Croatia!”

End of the first part. Second part of this interview is coming soon, so keep following!