Piscine Global 2016 in Lyon is now open!

Piscine Global, the largest but also the most important international professional exhibition for the swimming pool and spa sector, is now open!

During 4 days of the exhibition, Piscine Global will host pool builders, distributors, specifiers, private and public authorities from all over the world.

I met this expo ten years ago, at the time when I worked as editor for Croatian issue of German well known poll and wellness magazine “Schwimmbad&sauna” — “Bazeni&saune”.

But this time I will visit the show as an Ambassador for Croatia and I will make reports direct from the show room during next two days.

My job is to present this exceptional show to Croatian public, pool and spa professionals, as well as common people who are interested in wellness, pool and spa innovations.

So, stay tuned and feel free to contact me if you are interested in this world of beauty and relaxation for a soul and body!

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