Breathing in and out — Our Relationship with each other and the quality of it.

We are all related to each other.

Maybe, if we would live in the water it would be more obvious, that what we express, how we move, has an effect on everyone. In the water you can see it, it becomes visible how our moves/expressions cause a ripple effect. We can become aware easily that what we put out, touches everyone.

If someone pees in the pool — everyone in the pool gets it.

It’s the same living ‘in the air’ … and the whole planet is our pool.

We are breathing in and we are breathing out. All of the time.

There is no human life without breathing. So, our relationship with breathing is existential — but there is more!

The breath we let go/exhaled is not the same as we have breathed in/inhaled.

We transform the breath while it is in us. On a temporal level we transform air from oxygen to carbon dioxide. And than — thank God — we have the trees and plants around us that transform the carbon dioxide into oxygen again, so we have a perfect symbiotic relationship with nature. This again, is existential for us.

But there is more.

Through our breath we are connected to our surroundings and to each other, all of the time. Something that is ‘outside of us’, we take in and than we let something from within out, into our surroundings again. We breathing in and we breathing out, always in exchange. Every human being does so and that is how we are connected and in exchange with each other all of the time. It is our rhythm on earth.

… and there is even more.

With every breath we take and let go we are designing life.

With every out-breath the carbon dioxide we have transformed from oxygen does leave us, but there is more that ‘leaves us’ with our breath, namely energy.

We all know these moments when we walk into a room with people and become aware of the high tension in it because they have a dispute…. or just secretly kissed — tension is ‘in the air’ and we become insecure or irritated.

Or — someone screams at us in anger and we become also angry, anxious or feeling guilty…

We have become aware of what is there, taken it on, reacted to it and give off what we made out of it. Even when we do not say anything, we radiate it out and others can feel it and can react on it once again. And so we are ending up in a cycle of emotions, feeding each other all of the time. That is how we are designing relationships and life.

So what if we would break the cycle of emotions here? Ok, we can not change in relation to our need of oxygen and to breath out carbon dioxide — but what about energy? Can we choose here? Are we able to evolve out of our reactions?

If we could free ourselves from ‘automatic’ reactions, we would choose what we emanate, what we offer into our pool. And so we would bring something else into of the cycles of energy we exchange all of the time.

If so — what would we choose to offer?

I can only offer what I have.

So, as long as I am full of anger, anxiousness, frustration, sadness and so on — this is what I will bring.

But I would prefer to offer love, harmony, wisdom and joy.

To be able to do so, I have to fill my inner basket with those qualities. They have to become my wealth, my way of living. They have to become my way of breathing. I have to make all my relationships — starting with the one to myself — about love. It starts with me and has an effect on everyone. This is what we could then call a truly healthy living.

By breathing in and breathing out we are all related to each other — but in what quality our relationship turns out, lies in our hands, in our choices.