To Writers and Readers

This story stems from a conversation I had with my friend a while ago, she read a post and shared with me to be sure she wasn’t wrong by having that “rara oh” feeling. You know, that feeling you get from reading something that just doesn’t sound right.

The post in question will not be linked here. Basically, it was on a very delicate issue and it was opinionated and generalized all at the same time. Plus, it just didn’t seem right to come from that angle on such an issue, opinions presented as facts. I am sure you just remembered some posts you’ve read and had that “rara oh /issssaalie” feeling.

In this age and time of the world, information is disseminated easily. click and its out there.

Take a Look at this:

Someone makes a post about stuff on health and he’s not even certain its accurate you take the advice and end up having more complications or imagine someone having financial issues taking advice from a writer with no solid knowledge on how to accurately manage or enhance your finances. I hope you get the picture.

Now, don’t get me wrong I am totally about the life of giving everybody the chance to be heard but my issue rises when you portray your opinions as facts. This actually might not seem like much of a problem but it certainly is.

Now whose fault is this actually?

During our discussion we couldn’t actually put a finger on whose fault it was. Would we blame the internet ? or blame Medium for giving writers and aspiring writers like myself a medium to be heard? (you see what I did there?) Hell No. I love Medium.

We concluded that the responsibility lies in both the hands of the writer and the reader.

To the Writer:

You have a responsibility to spread accurate information, share your thoughts we love you for that, but let facts be facts and opinions be opinions.

To the Reader:

You have the responsibility to get accurate information from the right sources.

Disclaimer: Reading writers opinions isn’t wrong. I believe it helps us put our brain to work. When opinions are portrayed as facts, it’s just wrong.

Spread accurate information.

Sandra Israel-Ovirih

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