Thank you for your interest in including work by Dear Writer in your literary journal

Here is an arty historical photo that is only tangentially related to the topic of this page. We are using it because it’s Public Domain. We think. But of course, all text below is copyright Dear Writer.

Submissions FAQ

Dear Writer produces short fiction and poems that push the limits of intellectual coherence and cling to the edges of our shared emotional landscape, like ice skating on a melted glacier. Also, experimental realism.

Below are frequently asked questions.

What we’re looking for:
Payment. And a respectable name to put on Dear Writer’s personal website and CV, which may or may not make a difference on MFA and Bread Loaf applications, depending on who you ask. But we’re mostly just looking for payment. Doesn’t have to be much. A few coins, even. How about some of those little copper ones? Still no?

What we’re not:
1. Journals “on hiatus,” as you’re clearly more amateur than Dear Writer, which is saying something. Really sayin’ something.

2. Journals with About Page manifestos on the appropriate way to pronounce, spell, or punctuate said journal’s name. Also, journals named for punctuation symbols.

3. Journals with really, really bad websites. Issuu is also an issue.

4. Journals that prefer submissions by “snail mail.” Come on, snails don’t have post offices. That’s so genre.

Response time:
While we sincerely appreciate your interest in Dear Writer’s work, please understand that we get A LOT of interest from literary journals each month (re: hardly any). As such, we will not respond to any of you personally. Mostly just because.

If we are interested — which we won’t be — we’ll get in touch via carrier pigeon no sooner than a year after you’ve forgotten about this entirely.

Reading fee disclaimer:
In the interest of supporting the literary community, we must insist on a consideration fee of $3, because somehow that’s less off-putting than asking for $5.

On the second Tuesday of each month, the fee increases to $765, because that’s when rent is due. We also request donations on April 15 of each year, which is when Dear Writer visits Lucky’s Pub to drink away the pain of yet another failed MFA season. You understand. It’s for the good of the literary community. SOMEONE has to keep ol’ Luck in business.

Simultaneous submissions:
Unfortunately, Dear Writer is a jealous beast. If you’re soliciting work from other writers, be sure to lie about it because Dear Writer is the best and the greatest. Period.

Dear Writer does not care about North American First Serials, because real talk, this thing isn’t getting picked up anywhere else. Ever.

NOTE: Dear Writer is currently looking for unpaid interns to fetch coffee and hit refresh on our personal website again and again and again. Interns are also responsible for dragging Dear Writer off the floor of Lucky’s on every April 16 morning for all eternity.