7 Easy and Inexpensive Ways to Improve Your Dental Practice

In order to run a successful dental practice, you must be focused not only on the back-end, but the customers as well. There needs to be a perfect balance between the two in order to maximize profits and keep your share of the patients. Rather than focusing on one or the other, you can focus on both areas at the same time with these simple and inexpensive ways to improve your dental practice.

Make Appointments Easier

Time is valuable not only for you, but your patients as well. If you are running long wait times to see the dentist or you had several patients running behind, setting the whole day off course, you need a way to notify your patients. In addition, having a way to remind your patients of their upcoming appointment that does not require you to leave a voicemail that no one checks any longer, is the key to success. Rather than leaving it to chance, use a dentist clinic waitlist app that can help you to efficiently make, remind, and notify patients of not only their appointment, but also of their place in line. This helps to increase patient satisfaction and ensure that they will come back.

Get Feedback

Just like restaurants and stores, you need to know how you are doing. While most patients are not going to take the time to fill out a survey that you send them a few weeks after their appointment, they might be willing to share their opinion while they are still in your office. Many waitlist apps also allow you to enlist the feedback of your patients while they are there and the experience is fresh in their mind, allowing you to make any necessary changes in the future if there is a problem.

Use a Website

Almost everyone turns to the internet before finding a new dentist or having a procedure completed. If you do not have a website, chances are your practice is getting overlooked. Enlist the help of a professional writer and get the important facts out there about your practice, the services you provide, and any tips you can provide your clients with to help them better their oral health.

Stay in Contact with your Clients

Clients want to feel important, which means you need to stay in contact with them. When you have results, make sure that you speak to them personally and let them know the findings. If there are things they need to do in order to get better or to prevent any future occurrences of the issue, talk to them about it. The more you educate your patients, the more valued they will feel, making them want to come back.

Ask for Referrals

There is no way for you to get referrals if you don’t ask for them. Sure, some patients might love your practice so much that they gush about it whenever they get the chance, but that is not the norm. Not every patient is going to talk about their dentist, but if you ask for referrals and even offer a small bonus for every referral that comes in for an appointment, you can easily boost your business without much work on your end.

Have a Social Media Page

Social media is king today — without it, your practice could go overlooked. It does not take long or a lot of money to start a page up and once you get the word out, you will have the ripple effect, gaining many more followers. Keep your pages updated regularly and offer useful information — do not strictly use it as a sales platform; instead, offer useful tips and information that followers can use for their own dental health.

Keep it Professional

Make sure that your staff and your office look as professional as possible. Many people are fearful about going to the dentist, so you want your establishment to look professional and inviting at the same time. This is a tough combination to meet though — you don’t want it to seem too cold; yet you also don’t want it to come off as overbearing. Find out what your current patients like about your practice and what they would like to see changed to give you a few ideas on where you stand.

Stay Informed

The dental industry is constantly evolving, and only those dentists that stay at the forefront of the latest techniques will survive. Your patients want to have access to the least invasive and most successful procedures available. If you are still using yesterday’s technology, they will quickly pass you up for someone else. Make sure to advertise your use of the latest innovations as well as your ongoing education to continue to keep your patients happy.

Running a successful dental practice is a difficult process. You need to be able to minimize your dental clinic waitlist, use the latest technology, keep your patients satisfied, and constantly get referrals. This is all possible with these simple steps above.

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