Are You Really Pro-Life?
Traci Schmidley

As a liberal, it is often assumed that my being pro-choice means that I am not pro-life and also I must be pro-abortion. Nothing could be farther from the truth. I am not in a place to foster children, although that is a goal my family has. What I do do is volunteer in Title one highschools. Turns out life doesn’t end in ninth grade either. I have students who go weeks without electricity, who watch students in wealthy neighborhoods get tablets while they struggle to have pencils and paper. That actually DON”T know good hard facts about pregnancy because Tx only allows teaches to teach “don’t have sex” without defining sex or giving follow up info. Kids who ask for food to take home to younger brothers and sisters. Kids whose laundry doesn’t get washed until I take it home with me and wash it. Kids who are working two jobs and are their family’s only bread winner. Kids who tell me stories of the drug cartels they left behind to come to this. I am pro-life. I’ll pick up those blueberries. I’m done nursing, but I’ll make sure you can. I’ll NEVER vote against programs but I will vote against politicians who don’t support programs that support those who chose life in the face of desperation. But I will also never ever judge a woman or family who took stock of the lack of pro-lifers in this world and with heart ache just couldn’t find a reason to make that choice. I don’t see that as filure on her part. I see that as a symptom that we are failing miserably to truly be pro-life.