Exciting News to Share #SFNT

The news has been trickling it out and I’m excited to officially announce my new partnership with SF New Tech and Myles Weissleder to continue the SF New Tech tradition and create a fun, productive and exciting community for start-ups and all of us who love them so.

I’m thrilled!

As part of the local tech community here in SF, I have been attending, presenting and networking while eating tacos at SF New Tech events for as long as I can remember. SF New Tech is a loved and enduring institution. Myles has done so much great work for the community, providing an invaluable platform for startups to present themselves, network with other entrepreneurs, investors, press and members of the startup ecosystem, all while getting live feedback on their pitches from an incredibly engaged audience and filling up on tacos and great conversation. I always have a great time at SF New Tech events and leave inspired and energized by the amazing people that attend.

I take it as a huge honor to be able to carry the torch that Myles has kept burning bright all of this time, these are big shoes to fill and I hope I can meet your expectations. I know that I am so excited… so excited to be part of something so prolific, valuable and historic in the startup and local tech community.

A little about me for those of you I haven’t met yet. I am passionate about technology and start-ups, perhaps to a fault, as I often say I am a glutton for punishment. Having worked in start-ups my entire career, I know the volatility, the struggles and challenges that come up, intimately. I have been a Co-founder, seen my startup move to China, been heralded into a conference room while the rest of the company got laid off, and so many other tales of startup life (that I’d be happy to share over a cocktail.)

But I also thrive on the creative process, the building of something new, disrupting of old ways, innovation, the camaraderie and the chance to take a swing at the big dogs. Not to to mention the changing the world part. I still advise startups on their marketing strategies and love it, I am also the Cohost of a podcast called Popping the Bubbl (here’s Myles being interviewed), where I with my awesome Cohost, Pete A. Turner interview founders, funders and other members of the tech ecosystem to demystify Silicon Valley tech culture for the masses.

I also am involved as a contributor with LatinaGeeks, which aims to make technology more accessible to the Latina community. We have something cooking for SF New Tech and LatinaGeeks so stay tuned…(Hint: if you are a Latino startup founder, I’d love to hear from you!)

Please feel free to connect with me on Linkedin, follow my tweets and please come say Hi at our next event on April 26 @ DocuSign.

Now, let’s get down to business!

  • You’re invited to our Spring Fling event on April 26 with Demos & Discussions with Speak Music, Decorator, Omnyway, WishYoo, Keyvon, Dawex and more! There are 50 first-mover tickets are available for only $10 each, first come first serve. Go get ’em. https://sfnewtech.com/event/springfling2017
  • If you’d like to demo @ a future SF New Tech, apply @ http://www.sfnewtech.com/demo
  • If you’d like us to send out a free shoutout to SFNTers over social media, tell us more @ http://www.sfnewtech.com/shoutouts (and we’ll see what we can do!)
  • If you’d like to send a dedicated (paid) offer via our email list, visit https://sfnewtech.com/sfntoffers/
  • If you’d like us to promote your event or conference, tell us more @ http://www.sfnewtech.com/media
  • If you’d like to post jobs to our job board, it’s currently FREE to do so, https://sfnewtech.com/jobs/ — use the code “sfntspecial”
  • If you’d like to sponsor SF New Tech, send me a note sandra @ sfnewtech.com and we’ll be back in touch ASAP!