But what if I don’t have enough good ideas?

Inspired by Shaunta Grimes, I am going to write here every day for a month and see what happens. I am terrified though after two or three days, I’ll run out of interesting things to say and my posts will start to sound the like boring ramblings of my infrequent morning pages.

What if I run out of good ideas?

I usually excuse myself from a daily writing habit because I spend my days writing for other people — because that’s what a copywriter does. And if I’m writing for others and saving my most creative self for my clients, of course I won’t create anything worth publishing, just rubbish words. Nothing worth publishing, even on a blog.

But that’s just an excuse.

I have a million tools in my creative toolbox, yet I’m not writing for myself every day. Because I’m afraid.

I’m afraid the ideas will dry up. Even though logically I know writing everyday can’t help but unleash more ideas, I’m still afraid I will have nothing insightful or inspiring to say.

No one is reading what I write anyway, so it doesn’t matter, right? I give myself permission to write about anything, no matter how poorly I write, or how trivial or pedestrian an idea seems.

I have to believe good ideas are like love; endless, and that tomorrow there will be another worthwhile idea to write about. Game on.