The Four Lies You’re Going to Hear About the Charleston Massacre
Eric Garland

I wholeheartedly agree with almost everything in this piece and I thank you for laying out these truths. However, I invite to see how maybe it is about a system of white supremacy, and how we need serious gun reform, but how it also about a person “in Carolina that so hated his own obvious inferiority as a human that he conspired to murder nine people of vastly higher quality.” I agree that is not where it ends, and when people use that as an excuse to take action and not hold themselves accountable. But to deny Roof his own humanity, is to do what Roof himself did to the individuals he murdered, and what he did to himself too.

The only way we stop this is for everyone to recognize their own humanity, as well as others, and uncover emotions that do not serve us, honor them so they can be transformed. We need to do this while working on these other problems you so eloquently brought up.

I encourage everyone to listen to this talk about Tara Brach called Beloved Community and hold everyone in the light of what she is saying. We all have this spark of pure being with us, and while we cannot deny the cultural, racial and economic realities on this earth, we on the flipside cannot forget that the human spirit lives in all, even if it buried in the muck of things like racism.

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