Something I‘ve learned.

Life will throw shit at you. It will beat you down so many times you hardly know how to get up anymore.

People you trust will hurt you, they will disappoint you and they will abandon you.

You will fall in love with someone that is very much not in love with you.

You will hurt and you will cry and you will ask yourself why.

But dear, stop questioning it.

It‘s life, things won‘t get any easier unless you make them easier.

Stop expecting things, stop thinking everything is about you.

Someone hurts you? it‘s probably because they‘re hurting too.

So wipe off those tears and realize that you are the only one in control of your happiness.

It‘s about how you react to what happens rather than what happens itself.

Someone turns out to be not who you thought they were?

Alright. Let them be, wish them well and let it go.

Don‘t let this world make you cold. Don’t stop caring. Be warm. Be kind. Even to those who hurt you. Sometimes they‘re the ones that need it most.

Stay true to yourself, you got this.
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