When you write a goal down you cristalize it, you give it a form that you can see. Written goals galvanises you into action.

Write down everything you want to have, the person you want to be, characteristics you want to have, things that you want to own, where you want to be, etc

Read your dream goal everyday.

Your goals should be aligned with your values and priorities.

Values are guiding principles in your lives. Things that you would never sacrifice. What is always important for you. And priorities change when your life changes. A priority is an area of your life that is out of balance. You need to focus on that, it needs your attention and accountability

2 — MAKE A TO DO LIST — Keeps things out of your head!


There is never enough time to do everything, but there is always time to do the most important things — it is impossible to manage time, you have to manage yourself


This is going to transform your life! It will turn life so much easier, organised, and will give you a sense of achievement and progress.

1. Brainstorm all the things you need to do. Make a list of everything you think you need to do to achieve your goal

2. Organise that list into a plan by priority and sequence

3. Create a weekly to do list (under construction)

4. Create a daily To Do list. Plan everyday in advance

“Planning is brining the future into the present so you can do something about it right now.” — Brian Tracy

5. Make your To Do List at the same time and in the same place everyday (this has to be a habit)

6. Keep your list with you at all times (transfer what you have on paper to your mobile phone — suggest Any.Do App)

7. Add 2 or 3 small steps that will move you towards your goal everyday. Ask your self: What is the most valuable thing you can make of your time?

8. Your hardest task is the one that is going to have the biggest impact — you need to start with that one

9. Review and revisit your list

Completing a task releases endorphines. The feel of progress will give you the energy that you need to keep going


I have created a To Do List Template where I teach all the steps you need to take to create an effective, powerful and doable To Do List.

Check it out here.


What builds confidence? — Action — it is an investment to your confidence.

Action attracts the things you want to you.

Action is about living fully. Its expressing what you are.

Taking action is being alive.

No one can do it alone. Let other people know how they can help you.

Identify your best time of the day where you are at your best to take action

And don’t forget to celebrate your success. The more you celebrate to see what you’ve done, the more inspired you’ll feel to do more

Now, action time!

Please share this formula with friends who think are struggling with getting things done.

Here’s a video where I explain more about getting things done!

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