How deep?

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The blood in my veins, slowly seeping out

The scar in the shape of a heart

He asked me why? Why do I do it?

It’s my only form or art.

I looked right into his eyes

And saw past all of his lies

He pushed himself between my thighs

With promises of no more cries.

Standing outside, the rain covers my tears

You can’t see I’m hiding all of my fears

The wind in my face, slowly it dries

No one can see, the lonely girl cries.

I just wish I could go back to the days

When the crying didn’t hurt and the cutting was just a phase

I feel it’s all I have now, to keep me from going insane

I can feel it controlling me but at least there is no pain

I can hear them, hear their voices rising

I can see the ugly face of the person I’m despising

I have one revenge plot, a little fact

He’ll hate me so much, so I lay in my back

9 months later, I’m totally free

And my own person, I can finally be.