Mama went overboard this Christmas!

Uh oh!

First of all, take a look at that face or the face of your own child(ren), and just try to tell me it would be easy to stay within a budget while buying for them!

That’s what I thought!

So I started with one idea for this years Christmas: a play kitchen. Her father and I were going to get her that and a few small items to go with it because 1) she’s young and won’t remember this Christmas and 2) everyone in the entire family is going to buy her more than she can play with in a year!

So that was the plan anyways. Well, as a mother I of course kept seeing a bunch of really cool thing I wanted to get her, and as a control freak I wanted to make sure she got those things so I absolutely couldn’t give the idea to anyone else and risk them deciding to discard the brilliant gifts I’d thought of to buy her. So over the last month what was a $150 budget for a 16-month-old, turned into almost $400 spent on my daughter who won’t even remember this Christmas!

My husband and I decided on a $150 budget for each other as well which was much easier to stay writhing considering we picked our own gifts. But this means that overall, we spent around $700 this Christmas.

Now here is where we get into trouble with that; my husband and I are in the search for a house. And after all the buying this holiday season…

I have no idea where we are going to get the down-payment money for our future house!!!

It’s not that we are already in the process of buying a house but instead that we have zero space in our apartment and it just makes more sense to get our own house with a basement and plentiful storage/ closet space. Long story short, mama is doing Black Friday and cyber Monday sales for next year!

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