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I am afraid this country is in a death spiral. We have become a judgmental people. We find all kinds of reasons to blame people, who struggle to make their lives work, for their plight.

There are fewer and fewer opportunities to improve our lives and the lives of our families. Sadly, we have become a people that intentionally snatches away opportunities anytime we see someone through their own resiliency, making life work. This attitude in embedded in the policies of our country and the attitudes of our people. It is now all about creating obstacles and barriers insteading of removing obstacles and barriers.

The rest of us watch, buying into the implicit argument that these folks do not deserve any opportunties they may be clever enough to find to make their lives better. We fail to realize we are following along, down the very same path, of hopelessness. These folks are just further along that path then we are.

Think about what it would be like if instead of snatching opportunities away, we invested in our communities, empowered each other, and celebrated the resiliency of our neighbors and their communities. How do we create virtuous cycles that raise people up? But more importantly, why do we cling to cycles of destruction.

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