Donald…we need to talk. America’s messy divorce from Donald Trump.
Steven Rouach

I openly will share that I voted for Trump… and it was a mistake. I did it for the same reasons so many other people did… because we thought it would bring change. It would be something different. It would be good to have a businessman in the White House. Well, we got different alright. Scary, strange, small-handed President Trump who accepts zero input and gets his feelings hurt so easily it makes him kinda insane. So… don’t jump on me or admitting I did it. Just know I’m sorry. I know there are a lot of us former or reformed Trump supporters who regret our vote.

In the next election I hope to God they give us better choices. This last time around there were no truly good choices. A bunch of wealthy, spoiled, elderly in most cases, dishonest, big-headed people. I want to see someone who actually came from the middle class and who is younger… like maybe mid-40s. Someone appealing. Somewhat truly intelligent and who, maybe most important, doesn’t have to have the Twitter box yanked out of his hands before he (or she) says something idiotic or that incites, gee… I dunno… war.

We live in interesting times.