Wish you’d back off on the last point.
Kelly Olmstead

“We don’t have to listen to racists/sexists.”

But now of course, we do have to listen to racists and sexists — because our Commander-in-Chief-Elect is openly, cheerfully both. He may be lots of other things, like a brilliant business man or a fantastic strategist or just a real popular guy. But he is also sexist and bigoted. It’s not a matter of question. The taped remarks are out there.

He may be a true patriot who really cares about America. He may be the best guy in the world if you’re willing to overlook his sexist, racist, xenophobic remarks. (I’d like to know, in all earnestness: if these remarks are not to be believed, then why are any of his other remarks to be believed?)

The President-elect mocked a disabled person. Let that really sink in for a minute — making fun, on a televised stage in front of thousands, of the most vulnerable among us. I spent my childhood defending my disabled sister from bullies who did the exact same thing. And everyone gathered around her sobbing little self always agreed: such cruelty was outrageous. Good people didn’t do such a thing. Ever. And such behavior was not to be tolerated by good people.

And here we are, with a new Citizen In Chief who pledges to represent ALL Americans (presumably that includes the disabled) doing his 5 second impression of cerebral palsy.

If he didn’t mean any of it, well, many of his followers haven’t gotten the message.